what we do

Tracker+Scout leverages a lot of research and strategy to create and manage better brands for our clients. Every company is different, so how we approach each clients’ needs is also different. With over 30+ years experience, we’ve got a lot of “arrows in our quiver” to draw upon in order to best serve the needs of our clients’ – be it advertising, packaging, web design, product development, social media, and so much more. Our experience and design is what differentiates us, our results are what set us apart.

why it works

“The whole is worth more than the sum of its parts.” That’s the best way to explain why an integrated approach to marketing is one of the smartest methods for building a brand in today’s competitive landscape. If a company’s branding and messaging is consistent across all media and applications, it’s going to have a lot more traction and impact on the target audience.

Our process of involves integrating a variety of solutions for our clients to achieve a desired result, be it increased traffic, retail sales, lead generation, or general brand awareness - having one partner manage these efforts insures a consistent message, a consistent look and feel, and a everything looks and functions as if it came from a single source - which it did.

The value is that with one partner there’s no need to re-educate different vendors, there’s no conflict of message or style, and there’s fewer parties involved in strategy and decision-making.

who we are

Tracker+Scout is comprised of strategists, designers, developers and advertisers who have decades of experience hammering out solutions for such brands as Apple, The Irvine Company, Nike, Pebble Beach, Procter & Gamble, Red Bull, and Visa.

We have run successful businesses, we have worked at major agencies, and we have lived on the client side, too. We understand and appreciate our clients’ issues and challenges first hand, and continue to use those experiences to drive our process and approach.


Our name, “Tracker+Scout” defines our process. We look at things first at a micro-level, much as a tracker would do, evaluating a business’s history, its environment, its behaviors, and its goals. Then, we apply the intelligence we’ve gathered (akin to a scout) and develop branding and an implementation strategy for what’s ahead. It’s this micro and macro approach, combined with award-winning design, that defines Tracker+Scout.


  • Brand Strategy

  • Identity/Logo Design

  • Naming

  • Research

  • Web Design & Development

  • Copywriting

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Packaging Design + Production

  • Go-To-Market Strategies

  • Ecommerce Development

  • Product Design

  • Sourcing + Production (global)

  • Print + Outdoor Advertising

  • Marketing Materials

  • Media Planning

  • Event Planning + Management